How I Style: Oversized Sweatshirts

By: Kaitlyn Kerwin

There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day at school or work and slipping into your comfy pajamas ASAP. But who says you can’t wear pajamas out in public? I love this oversized, rust-colored sweatshirt that I picked up at the thrift shop because it is so comfortable; it’s my go to sweatshirt when I come home from an exhausting day and want to be as cozy as possible. I also love to wear this sweatshirt during the day, because it feels like I am walking around wrapped in a blanket all day. Who doesn’t like that feeling? Oversized sweatshirts don’t only have to be pajamas; they can be a trusty staple in your winter/fall wardrobe!

My favorite way to style oversized sweatshirts when I rock one outside the comfort of my house
is as a dress. Throw on some biker shorts and tights underneath for extra layers to keep your legs warm in the cool fall weather, and add some socks for added warmth/style. I wore my go-to Dr. Marten boots because they edge up my outfit and are a comfortable staple in my fall wardrobe.

If you’re not into the whole “no pants” look, you can tuck your sweatshirt into a cute miniskirt
or distressed shorts. The options with an oversized sweatshirt are endless; belt it, tuck it, tie it, whatever floats your style boat.

The Anti-Aesthetics of Fashion

By: Marquila Herrera

If you are a fan of fashion, be warned. The following contents may shock and disturb you. 

The fashion industry, and fashion as a whole, thrive on trends. Certain styles are repeated among individuals and become the norm. Trends can last a few months, or several years before they retire, but while those trends live, they appear to be law. However, as each of these trends exists, rebels step forward to break trends, dissect fashion, and inspire others to follow suit, ultimately producing new trends, oddly enough. Some would call this social rebellion anti-fashion or anti-aesthetics.

Instances of artists challenging the norm have been spotted going back centuries. While its exact origin is debatable, many give credit to the 90s for giving birth to the anti-fashion movement. As the pendulum of preferences swings, the excess and order of the 80s was pushed out in favor of a more raw, outside-the- box aesthetic. It was not pretty; it was not meant to be pretty. It challenged ideas of beauty and the complacency in the artistic, fashion world. One famous example is by the lady Chanel herself, as she encouraged women to forsake the restrictive, garish styles of the time for more comfortable men’s-inspired garments. In the 1980s, Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto broke away from glamor to show all-black, deconstructed looks on the runways. Whenever trends seemed to take over, there was always a
group there to remind people that trends and styles are not laws. We can dress as we please. Some of the larger movements in fashion that you may even recognize, started as people going against the grain. Not always avant garde, anti-fashion bred minimalism, maximalism, androgyny, punk, grunge, normcore, etc. All of which changed how we view style from that
moment onward.

Is Anti-Fashion Fashion?
Anti-fashion cannot exist without fashion, logically speaking. What we know as fashion is actually shaped by the trends of anti-fashion, and vice versa. Anti-fashion challenges the common notions of the fashion world and keep it growing, changing over the years. As designers push limits and make garments that are “too ugly” or “too weird” to wear, trends will continue to evolve in the mainstream world. If we wait long enough, everything ugly and weird becomes

Student Style Spotlight: Michelle Intoccia

By Kaitlyn Kerwin

Fashion inspiration is hiding around every corner, especially on Temple’s campus. There are stylish students everywhere; at least once a day I find myself going “I wish I had that outfit!” when I see someone with serious style walk past me in between classes. My friend Michelle Intoccia, a sophomore Advertising student, is no exception. She is a member of the Fashion and Business club, so it goes without saying that she has a great sense of style. With a unique taste that merges preppy, classic, and edgy elements, her outfits are a representation of her dynamic personality. I asked Michelle some questions about her sense of style and how she feels about fashion; here’s what she had to say!

What is one word to describe your style?
Michelle: Comfortable (and cute!)

Who/what inspires your style:
Michelle: I get a lot of inspiration from fashion bloggers, magazines, Instagram accounts, and Pinterest! As far as brands go, I really love Anthropologie, Kate Spade, and Moschino’s digital content at the moment. Some of my favorite bloggers to follow right now are History in High Heels, Convey the Moment, and Mia Freda.

What are your favorite places to shop?
Michelle: Thrift Stores, H&M, Francesca’s, Old Navy, and Urban Outfitters.

What does fashion/style mean to you?
Michelle: Fashion has always been an important outlet for me to express myself. No matter where I am in life, I know that when I look good and have a cute outfit on I’ll feel more confident and ready to take on the day!

If you love Michelle’s look as much as I do, here are her outfit details:
Top: Thrifted (Express)
Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Billabong
Necklace: Target

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

If you want to see more of Michelle’s rad style, you can find her on Instagram
@michelle.intoccia. And keep your eyes peeled, because you never know who might be the next Temple Owl to be featured in the Student Style Spotlight!

A Thrifted Look from Head to Toe

By Kaitlyn Kerwin

The ways that fashion communicates emotion, personality, and cultural implications has always fascinated me; it is a powerful form of visual art that continues to push boundaries in unique ways. While I personally love fashion for this reason, I prefer not to support fashion companies that maintain unethical and exploitative practices. It’s estimated that the fashion industry is the second dirtiest industry in the world, which means it generates an insane amount of pollution. Besides being seriously detrimental for the environment, many fashion companies and brands exploit workers in third world countries for their cheap labor.

These practices don’t align with my own personal values, which means I often find
myself wondering where I can shop with a clear conscience. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here’s my favorite way to steer clear of supporting unethical brands: shop at your local thrift store! Giving clothing a second life while also doing your part to make the Earth a better place is a wonderful feeling.

I love to challenge myself to put together completely thrifted outfits, like this one. My necklace, tube top, belt, and pants are all gems I scored from the thrift store. The only part of my outfit that isn’t thrifted are my Dr. Marten boots, which are a staple in my wardrobe. Wearing an outfit that I feel comfortable in while also doing my best to avoid contributing to unethical practices is such a gratifying feeling, and makes me feel even more confident in my look. Challenge yourself like I did to put together a thrifted look from head to toe…you never know what will come from it!

Reuse, Re-wear, Restyle

By: MP

Essential Basics

Essential Basics

Now that we are a couple months into school we are realizing that our cute outfits are running out and of course our money is too. I can imagine that some people can relate to the times when you go through your closet searching for an outfit just to realize you have none left so you end up asking your roommate if they have something to borrow. Or just skip that step and barge right into their closet and pick something out for yourself.

Black Bodysuit Looks 

Black Bodysuit Looks 

However, we can solve this problem by purchasing cheap tops that are neutral in color and have simple designs to match with any bottoms to be made appropriate for all different occasions. An all black body suit (which was purchased on sale at Forever 21) is a great example of something that can be re- worn and restyled to use for a day out exploring the city, going to class, or even a night out. Becoming creative and matching a plain top with assorted sweaters, jackets, pants, shorts, skirts, or even accessories can completely transform a fashionable look to fit any function.

Shoe choice is also crucial to redesigning your outfits to look unrecognizable each time you re- wear an article of clothing. If you are reusing a top you wore a few days ago, adding something to take the attention away from the shirt to focus the outfit on something else like bright colored shoes or stylish shoes that stand out is always a helpful tip. Even adding a pair of fish net socks, patterned socks, or leg warmers to your look could help you be successful when reusing, re-wearing, and restyling. Try to take an article of clothing and restyle it in various different ways, and then when you do that with all your clothes, you can do the same thing with your roommates clothes to create endless trendy looks when on a budget. 

How to Transition Summer Pieces into Fall

By Kaitlyn Kerwin

October is almost over (can someone please tell me how the semester is already halfway done?) which means that autumn is in it’s prime. I love my sweaters and scarves as much as the next fashionista, but I think it’s so fun to work those staple summer clothing pieces into my fall style. Reworking your summer cutoffs and tees not only sets you apart from the sea of skinny jeans and infinity scarves flooding the city streets during autumn, but it’s always a fun challenge!

If you are trying to maximize every piece in your wardrobe, look no further! It’s totally possible to rock your summer staples when the temperature drops. To make your favorite cutoffs wearable in the fall, layer a pair of tights under them to keep your legs from freezing off. I went for some fishnet tights and thigh-high boots to get a look that was stylish yet warm enough for an autumn day. On top, I wore my David Bowie cropped tee (so much admiration for Bowie, a true icon of his time). If it’s an extra chilly day, layer it up! Throw a tank top or turtleneck underneath, drape a fun denim jacket over your shoulders, and top it off with a sick hat. This look is so versatile and gives you so much creative freedom to make a killer fall outfit.

Basically, the secret to transitioning summer pieces into fall can be summed up into one word: LAYER. So, grab your favorite summer staples and challenge yourself to rework them for the fall season!

Stuck in a Fashion Rut?

By: Kaitlyn Kerwin

Ever look inside your closet and feel completely uninspired by what you see? Well, I
think it’s safe to say that we have all been there at some point in our lives. I’m sure even Karl Lagerfeld finds himself stuck in a fashion rut from time to time. Fashion is an art form, and just like any art we hit creative roadblocks when trying to create a new style or look. The thing about art though is that it permeates through all aspects of our daily lives; you just have to change your perspective to see the inspiration that’s always been right in front of you. To help you get back to feeling stylin’ and inspired, here are my tips:

People-Watch. This is one of my favorites, because it is so simple! Go to your favorite park or even a spot on campus to just sit with a cup of coffee and your earbuds. Looking at how other people style items of clothing might give you new ideas for how to style what you already have in your closet.

Check Fashion Blogs. This one might seem obvious, but it can be hard to find a blogger who truly emulates a style that resonates with you. Search around the web or check out blogs tailored to the college student like CollegeFashionista or even our F & B blog (shameless plug!)

YouTube. There are so many rad fashion vloggers in the YouTube community. My favorites are Sophia Changclothesencounters, and StealTheSpotlight. They give me some serious style inspiration!

Check Your Own Closet. Challenge yourself by taking an item of clothing you hardly wear and step outside of your comfort zone! Style it in a way that you would never normally wear it. There are so many ways to style clothing, you just have to think outside the box. Trends are never set by people who color within the lines!

How I Style: Yellow-Tinted Shades


By Kaitlyn Kerwin

I don’t know about you, but there is something that draws me to neutral colors; take a peek inside my closet and you will see an amalgam of white, black, and grey. While neutrals can often make your outfit look streamlined and polished, I often find myself getting bored wearing the same basic color palette week in and week out.

To remedy this painfully boring and monotonous color palette, I love to throw a pop of color into my look. My favorite way to do that recently is by throwing on these yellow-tinted shades. They really brighten up any look and add a fun yet high-fashion edge to an otherwise plain outfit.

On a lazy day where wearing sweats is a must, adding these sunnies brings just the right amount of style to your look. I paired my Nike track pants with a black tank top, threw on a denim jacket and called it a day. It’s such a simple outfit that looks much more stylish than it really is!

If you want to take it up a notch, this next look is the perfect step up from the basic jeans-and-a-tee look. Grab any comfy graphic tee from your closet and pair it with some denim, like my black cutoffs. I love a grungier vibe, so I threw on a flannel and Doc Martens to edge up my outfit. Accessories make a world of difference when you are working with basics; I have a chunky chain necklace, the tinted shades, and a pop of color on my lips to bring the whole look together. Neutrals don’t have to be boring, it’s all about how you style them!