Designer Spotlight: Jeremy Scott

by Darrian Hopson

Goofy non-conformist haircut? Check. Cartoonish, bizarre mad genius personality? You bet. Bold, yet brilliant? Undoubtedly. The ever-relevant Jeremy Scott may be the busiest designer of 2014. Scott has hit the ground running, manifesting Barbie and McDonald’s influenced collections as newly appointed Creative Director for Italian stable, Moschino, while continuing to juggle collections under his own brand along with inventing new large-winged shoes among other zoo clad sneakers for adidas Originals. If that wasn’t enough, publishing company Rizzoli is fresh off releasing his new book entitled Jeremy Scott, ironically enough (given his typical creative taste).

The Kansas City raised Scott developed an eye for fashion early on and attended the Pratt Institute in New York City to hone his craft. In the fall of 1997 he debuted his first collection in Paris labeled, ‘Rich White Women’, capturing hearts of the French and marking the inauguration of a marvelous career in the fashion industry. Rather than an official catwalk runway show, which feels elegant and chic, Scott’s runway presentations exhibit the aura of a party. His uncensored self-expression enamors the crowd, emblazoning runway models in funky pop art inspired pieces to the tune of hip-hop/EDM mash-ups. Above all, his creative acumen is driven to design outfits appealing to a youth movement, as he mentions in an interview with The New York Times’ William Van Meter:

"My independence and voice are important. People can circulate through these houses. Think of Ungaro. I wanted to build my name. I speak to a young demographic, and a lot of them don’t care about these perfume brands.:"

His appeal to the youth masses is somewhat of a given; although 39 years of age, his outlandish, peculiar temperament keeps the world aware of his adolescence at heart as he graces the fashion shows in fluorescent pink, orange, and green. His ingenuity grabs the eyes of mainstream music artists such as Miley Cyrus (even collaborating with Cyrus for a collection under his own brand), and the Adidas Originals line has been well represented in rap culture with the A$AP Rocky’s and 2 Chainz’ of the world strapping up the three stripes.

Katy Perry sat front row in Milan for Scott’s flagship collection for Moschino, as models with a McDonalds part-time employee ambience grazed the runway in everything from handbags embellishing the golden arches to SpongeBob-themed sweaters. His Moschino menswear line, set for 2015 features heavily inspired Andy Warhol influences, with pop art pieces such as oversized 90s jackets laced in Coca-Cola emblems and other fructose based brands. And, who could forget the Moschino 2015 Ready To Wear Barbie themed presentation, where models were fit in various outfits harkening to classic lifestyles, such as travel Barbie, roller-skating Barbie, and cowboy Barbie among others (Ken not included).

The beauty of it is nobody knows where Scott is going next, probably not even him, and that may be for the better. Fashion is ever evolving, and Scott’s intuitive, bold designs harken back to the 80s when Moschino carried a comical take on the fashion industry. Although American, with Moschino it certainly seems as if Scott is at home.