How to Wear It: Black Leather Leggings

by Sarah DeBoard

In the mood to feel powerful and exude confidence by just wearing a piece of clothing? Give black leather leggings a try (fake leather, obviously!). This trend is perfect for autumn as the colder weather is unescapable. Styling leather leggings is much easier than it may seem at first thought. Whether you want to dress casually for class or go for a fancier look when going out on the weekend, leather leggings can function as both looks. If you’re bored of wearing denim jeans every day to class, throw on your favorite comfy, oversized sweater with a pair of black leather leggings. These two pieces together create a casual look that differs from your basic every day blue jeans with a sweater. Add black boots to complete the outfit and create a streamline look that makes your legs look longer.

Now let’s transition to a more dressed-up look for a night out. Personally, I would pair my black leather leggings with a black, flirty top, creating a chic black-on-black outfit. I would also add a pop of color with either emerald, pink, or gold heels and accessories. Another way to style black leather leggings is by adding texture. Leather leggings are smooth and polished, so, by incorporating texture, you increase the proportion of the outfit. Try layering on top with a light blue collared shirt under a wool or cashmere sweater. Make sure the collared shirt is visible underneath the sweater to create texture. Layering will also keep you warm without looking bulky and unflattering under a large winter coat. Be bold and incorporate something new and daring into your wardrobe this season.