How to Wear It: Over the Knee Boots

by Emily Collins

The cold weather has set in and that means one thing: boot season has arrived! One big trend this season is the over the knee boot and it is taking over the fashion world with every outfit it is paired with. These boots have been seen on many celebrities and models such as Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian. No matter what type or color the boot, they can create a go-to look for any fashionista on the go! Another plus side of these awesome boots is they elongate the leg and make anyone’s legs look like they belong on a runway. Now the big question is, what can I wear them with? Over the knee boots look great with almost anything. They can even be worn with skirts and dresses to add a bit more coverage on those super chilly nights. They can also be paired with leather pants/leggings for a more monochrome look that can make you look as chic as ever! These boots are perfect for any occasion and any outfit. Pair them with a comfy, warm sweater for a softer look or go all out and wear the leather jacket with them. They can have a heel or be flat and can be dressed up or down for a day in the city or a night out with your friends! So the next time you pass by them in the store, snag a pair and have fun with a great winter trend this season!