Look For Less: Kylie Jenner

by Julia DiFrancesco

The soft grunge look has become really popular over time and Kylie Jenner shows off this style perfectly. Kylie is used to going outside of the box and wearing outfits that are risky but she always pulls it off. While her wardrobe is mostly black and soft tones, she adds that little pop of color to her outfits that really pull it all together. This particular outfit Kylie uses her long, light blue trench coat as that pop of color that adds spunk to her black and white outfit.

Luckily, the statement coat can be found on ASOS.com for less than $100. This style is an oversized fit, which really goes with the recent “your boyfriend’s clothes” trend. The ever so popular Alexander Wang Parent Advisory Sweatshirt (worn by Beyoncé and Khloé Kardashian) is a depressing price of almost a thousand dollars. Searching literally everywhere, I found a place that had a sweatshirt so similar for ONLY twenty dollars (and even bought it for myself). As for the booties, they’re a sure necessity for fall, especially because they go with absolutely everything. This outfit is perfect because every piece, together or separate, can help create a huge span of outfits that are perfect for the cold weather coming up.