Men’s Fashion: Swapping Accessories with Boys

by Christina Lista

Putting size aside, here are a few trendy pieces which are all the rage in both men’s and women’s fashion for the wintery season. You know that oh-so-fashionable boyfriend of yours? Well, it’s the perfect time to raid his closet.

1. Overcoats / Topcoats
Whether you’ve spotted overcoats featured on the runway or have seen students rocking them on their way to class, it is safe to say that topcoats are definitely trending. From Lanvin to J. Crew, every designer brand is putting its own stamp on the versatile overcoat. Not only are overcoats thick and warm to fight the chilly winter mornings, but also they are appropriate and professional enough for both work and play. Usually designed to fit close to the body, the overcoat has seen a recent overhaul in style with an oversized fit.

For Men: Consider sporting a longer, slightly oversized topcoat or a more voluminous coat with a wider shape.

For Women: The oversized masculine/borrowed-from-the-boyfriend shape is really popular right now. Try this style in fun pastels, deep jewel tones, or a textured pattern.

2. Oversized Scarves
Does life get more comfy than a warm and cozy oversized scarf? No, I don’t think so either. On trend and easy to find, oversized scarves can spice up any outfit and certainly pump up the chic/dapper factor (even in your joggers). Keep in mind: the bolder and bigger, the better. Another great aspect: scarves can be completely unisex (hello, sharing!). Men, keep an eye on your precious stash because we’re comin’ for em.

For Men: Think blankets and cozy knits. Throw them over your shoulder and never look back.

For Women: Try draping an oversized scarf over your shoulders and belting it or layer a giant infinity scarf around your neck for a luxurious feel. Never fear bold colors and prints.

3. Structured Hats
There is something so handsome and dashing about a man in a nice structured hat. This accessory can top off an ensemble like no other and can be customized to your taste. Though these hats were popular throughout the spring and summer, there is a reason to be even more excited that they are back in style for the winter: those wintery textures and hues that we all know and love (wool and tweed, anyone??).

For Men: If you’re all about the tried and true beanie trend, try switching things up with a fedora or a wide-brimmed hat. You can pair them with anything ranging from t-shirts to sweaters and suits. Have fun and experiment with different colors and patterns.

For Women: Structured hats can be incorporated into any kind of style. Try to branch out of the norm with leather, tweed, and other fun materials. A structured hat = your best friend on a bad hair day.