How to Wear it: Faux Fur Vests

A faux fur vest can make any boring outfit pop. It can turn your basic jeans and booties look to a more fashionable statement. You can even take it to the extreme and turn a basic summer outfit into a winter one by adding one. Take your favorite pair of shorts, add some tights underneath top it with a nice warm sweater and the ultimate classy faux fur vest and bam, your summer outfit just went ice cold.

Faux fur vest sound like they must cost fortune but, with the proper shopping you can find some cute ones for $20!! For those of you that have a Burlington Coat Factory at your nearby mall, go check it out! They sometimes have such lovely faux fur vests, trust me I know: I bought mine from there for only $15! What a steal right?

by Stephanie Rocha

As winter is quickly approaches, faux fur vests have been spotted in a lot of stores. This trend is a winter fashion staple. It can be worn in multiple ways, whether it is with a winter dress or just a long sleeve shirt, leggings and boots this look will have people complementing you. A faux fur vest can be worn as just a cute outfit for class or you can dress it up a little and wear it out for the night.

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So, if you’re trying to go for something new this fall/winter get yourself a faux fur vest and I promise you won’t regret it. They are affordable, stylish and the new fashion statement!