Beauty: The Scent of Fall


When I first smelled ‘Mimosa and Cardamom, the scent made me feel clean and cool and a bit spicy, from the Tonka bean. Soon the strong scent evaporates and the powdery floral notes of the mimosa flower linger, smelling like soap. I can recommend this cologne to anyone who wants neutral scent, perfect for both women and men.

by Do Hyun Park

We are in the middle of the fall and I think that fall is the perfect season to wear a new perfume. New weather makes people change into a new mood. Therefore, I want to introduce a perfume for your fall which gives you a different air; very sophisticated and luxurious. The brand new scent from Jo Malone, ‘Mimosa & Cardamom’, is inspired by the Middle East, giving their scent a bohemian vibe. This perfume’s layers are composed of mimosa flower, cardamom and Tonka bean.

The base note of Tonka bean, which smells like aromatic vanilla and tobacco, plays a role in the richness of the scent. The heart note of the fragrance is mimosa. Almost of floral note, oriental style perfumes do not use mimosa often; however, Jo Malone tried to express the warm and powdery character of the flower by mixing it with the warm notes of the Tonka bean. Lastly, the top note of the fragrance is cardamom, which is a cool spice with a similar to lemon scent. All of the layers harmonize really well, so the scent evokes the feeling of being under the sun with a bright clean sky.