The Infamous Yellow Makes a Comeback

image via @_shaynabayna_ on Instagram

image via @_shaynabayna_ on Instagram

On the other hand, the best way to battle the flaming effect of a blaze of yellow is to couple it with other gallant colors. Givenchy, Gucci, and Versace have all embraced the empowering hue of yellow. At Paris Fashion Week, Raf Simons designed body suits matched with mustard yellow purses for a fierce look. I think it’s time to invest in yellow accessories (especially purses). Even Kim Kardashian needs a little yellow in her life, evidenced by her dying her hair platinum blonde!

Now it’s important to find the right amber, chrome, lemon, cream, or yellow that fits your persona so you can glow like daylight itself, even in the nighttime. 

by Shayna Boimov

Why was it ever a supposed rule that we can’t wear yellow or, that it doesn’t work on us? It’s time to get rid of that whole idea! Break the rules! Yellow is in! Yes, even on blondes, even on dark skin, and even on boys. Yellow is the happiest color!

One thing that can never go wrong is pairing yellow with denim. Blending yellows with blues and denim naturally gives that calm, cool, and collected look.  Yellow, in nature, is a color that resembles danger. As in yellow snakes, don’t mess with them. Yellow on you, don’t mess with me! Yellow is the core of an energetic and bold look. A yellow dress is a big statement that could be topped so fabulously with black shoes. Simple and so in control.