Step It Up Girls: Platform Sandals

by Cassandra Matlis

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to put away those winter boots and put on the hottest trend: platform sandals. The platform sandal was one of the most sought after pair of shoes in the history of shoes. Steve Madden was one of the first designers to come out with the platform sneakers and sandals in the early 90's. We all know about the Spice Girls and their trendy platform shoes; it was every young girls dream to be just like them. Like the Union Jack platform shoes that Ginger Spice used to rock, the new platform sandals are an updated version of these ‘90s girl band classics. Plus, they're just a smidge more wearable.

Although flats and more modest heels are making a big splash in spring fashion these days, platform sandals are a perfect way to stay comfy and still add long length to your legs. They were the highlight of the Mercedes Benz 2015 Spring Fashion Week and there are so many head-turning options out there right now. These sexy sandals are generally strappy and perfect for warm-weather wear whether you're going to the pool, the mall, or just hanging out with friends. The platform and straps can be made out of different materials, and the shoe can range from a more funky bohemian look to a more sleek and sassy style.