Yeezy Season: Kanye West x Adidas Originals

by Emily Comisac

It’s Yeezy season – new fashion, new music, but the same old Kanye.

Kanye West debuted his 2015 fashion line this month at NYFW. He collaborated with Adidas and pinned his inspiration to the 2011 London riots. His 12 minute display was rather unorthodox, but worked. Yeezy started the show with a two minute, pre-recorded speech explaining his collection and the ideas that went into it. Once the voice over concluded, the room became lit and revealed his army of models. They pushed forward five at a time, stood emotionless while a trumpet played, and then made their way to the back of the line.

About half way through the show the first group of models were once again in the front of the stage and the trumpet noise cut out. “Wolves,” the first track off Kanye’s upcoming album, premiered and the models stood, once again, emotionless as it played.

This ended the show, but started a wave of reviews. Kelly Cutrone called Kanye a “joke” of a designer. The People’s Revolution founder of public relations went on to say, “Just because you’re a good rapper doesn’t mean you’re going to be a good fashion designer.” Fern Mallis, the creator of Fashion Week, slammed Kanye after his show as well. She stated that she is “over him” and “his music and overall attitude isn’t my style.” Kanye responded to her over twitter by saying…

The two have since planned to meet up and talk things out.

Of course, these were not the only two negative reviews. It is easy to google “Kanye West 2015 fashion” and see these corrupt comments come up instantaneously; but, within them are positive reviews as well.

REDEF’s fashion editor, Adam Wray, praised Kanye’s looks. He stated, “…[But] I saw more of what he’s interested in and not so much of his own voice or energy coming through.”

Robin Givhan, Pulitzer-winning fashion critic, called Yeezy Season 1 his “best effort [in fashion] so far,” stating “it had a point of view. It looked like a cohesive collection, instead of just a grouping of random ideas.”

So there you have it. Where there is Kanye, there is controversy. The question is, are you more of a Mallis or Wray – that is, do you think he is cut out for the fashion world or should he just stick to what he knows?

If you ask me, I would definitely wear his body suits, but until I find an event where they make the fashion cut, I’ll just keep listening to “Wolves” on repeat.

Happy Yeezy Season!