How to Wear It: Pastel Duster Coat

by Nerisha Penrose

So like any other day, I am taking my daily commute through campus and what do I see but duplicates of green parka coats flooding Temple’s campus. Did I miss something? If you are anything like me, you have been anticipating the day when the weather stops looking like your age, and becomes the grades you aspire to receive come finals week. Though some may be sad to start hanging their parkas and North Face jackets, some of us are actually ecstatic to see them go. The snow from the so called “blizzard” is finally melting and I can feel my allergies beginning to act up. Fashionistas, start stocking up on Zyrtec pills and grab your laptop; we’re going on a search to find the trendiest coat of this season! 

While winter green parkas are beginning to wrap up their performance, a new act, the “pastel coat” is making its way to center stage. Meet your happy medium: warmth and style all in one coat. The spring season replaces the winter monochrome wardrobe with a closet full of vibrant floral prints and soft lilacs and periwinkles. Black combat boots are pushed to the back of the closet while you await the blue heels and brown booties you just bought with your ShoeMint subscription.

This season’s pastel coat is versatile and can be worn day into night. For a casual lunch date or showing up fashionably late to your morning class, wear a collarless pastel coat open with an oversized white buttoned-down shirt, a gold (or colored) statement necklace, your favorite light skinny jeans, and a pair of taupe booties. And, when girls night out rolls around and you’ve been dying to show off your new coat, you can style it with a free-flowing white blouse, a pair of black cigarette trousers, and those chic pointed nude pumps you’ve been dying to strut in. Paint the city in lilacs, blushes, and mint greens. So long winter, you’ll hardly be missed. Spring, be good to us. 

Convinced to buy into this new spring trend? Check out some of your options: