Designer Spotlight: Sandy Liang

by Savannah Blake

I don’t remember how or why I discovered Sandy Liang, but I do know that I can’t seem to recall what life was like before I was constantly lusting after her designs. This Queens-based bombshell has only been designing for a year and she’s already got the likes of model Soo Joo Park regularly wearing her collection.

Liang got her start studying architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design before realizing that she had much bigger fish to fry. She dropped out and moved onto Parsons (like it’s so easy to get in) to fulfill her fashion lust. This New York Native claims that she gets inspiration in the least likely of places and doesn’t have a full vision of what she wants her brand to be yet. On finding inspiration in the form of Chinatown grandmas, she said,

“They wore all these crazy patterns and all these crazy proportions, and it just worked. You could tell they didn't care about how they looked, [but] I could see them from a block away and I'd be like, wow, they look really cool.”


Her designs combine rugged silhouettes with dream like colors that she describes as funny, subversive, and girly. Think cotton candy furs and denim culottes. I mean, she put pastel flowers on a leather jacket. What else do you need?

Although she’s brand new on the scene, I don’t think she’s going to be fading into the background anytime soon. She just gets it.

Check out her website and follow her on Instagram (@sandyliang).