Style Inspiration: Stevie Nicks

by Elena Hart

This past summer I worked at Plato’s Closet, a cash-on-the-spot consignment store that pretty much gives indecisive people like me the freedom to constantly switch up my wardrobe– getting rid of the old and reeling in the new. While working there, the employees at Plato’s voted on superlative awards to give to everyone. I won the “Most Likely To Win Best Dressed At Coachella” award. Now, for those of you who live under a (sad, sad) rock, Coachella is an annual music festival in California. So, Plato’s was exactly right. During the summer months, my style is one of a tried and true music festival attendee...even though I’ve never been to one ever in my life. ~*So Deprived*~

Without the actual music festivals to inspire me, I blame these summer fashion choices mainly on my mother.

Yes. Thanks, mom.

The woman who raised me to a soundtrack of non-stop Fleetwood Mac on cassette tapes (remember those?) when I was a little girl. Not only did I fall in love with songs like Gypsy and Rihannon (and Never Going Back Again and Dreams and Go Your Own Way and… okay, you get the point) which I am listening to as I write this because I am a
really corny person but, I fell deep, deep in love with the style
of a woman you may ( or may not?!?) have heard of...

Stevie Nicks.

I like to believe that Stevie Nicks inspired every single piece of clothing that Free People, one of the only places I shop, has ever sold. From her free and flowing shirts and dresses, to her black top hats, to her bell-sleeved everything, all the way to her glorious, high-waisted super flared jeans. Not to mention her flawless layering of long necklaces and the way she rocked platform knee-high boots like she invented the things (she might have).

She is the forever-reigning queen of boho.

She is also the reason I bought five fringed kimonos this year.

But most of all, she is the ultimate free-spirited cool girl.

AND there’s no better time to let her inspire your look than now, with seventies’ influences popping up ALL OVER the runways during Fashion Week and music festival season quickly approaching. (I’m going to my first one this summer, woohoo!)

Looking for photos for inspiration?

Visit my Pinterest Board devoted to the rock n’ roll goddess.

May you buy endless Kimonos and be your own version of a “Gold Dust Woman”.

Peace (remember when I said I was a really corny person?)