Get It While It's Hot: Ultra-Skinny Scarf

by Shaylin Carper

This trend is probably not something you’ve been expecting. Honestly, it’s probably not something you’d thought you’d ever see again. It’s one of those trends you don’t like until you love it. But enough beating around the bush already. If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m talking about the ultra-skinny scarf.

Are you one of those people wishing this trend would stay in the “not” section? Well, give this scarf another wrap-around, because it’s here for the incoming season! I mean, Alexa Chung is wearing them for heaven’s sake (on multiple occasions, I might add). If anyone knows trends, it’s the fabulous and flawless Alexa Chung.

If you’re anything like me, you can’t wait to get your hands on the next big accessory, and it’s finally here! The skinny scarf is unusual, but totally simple to incorporate in your wardrobe. It can be one of those “add-ons” to any outfit (except unlike guac, there aren’t any pesky extra charges). Dig the ‘70s looks that are hitting every runway this season? Take cues from those designers and add some grooviness to your outfits! Whether it be a simple tee day or a paisley dress-up day, add a skinny scarf vamp up your outfit. Nervous about this new trend’s fees? Fear not fashionistas! Before you hurt your wallet, study up.

The best thing about this trend? It can be totally free. Unlike those other oddly specific trendy trends, this up-and-coming hit can be all yours with a quick peek in your closet. How about those silk bows you used to put in your hair? Or that sash you had from a Halloween costume? Check the very bottoms of your drawers for an old headband that can double as this new hot trend. Whether this trend decides to leave or stay, you’ll be ready to take it on, without spending a pretty penny.

But enough from me – try this trend out yourself! You never know what you might find.