My case for modest bathing suits (and seven classic stars who rocked them)

by Elena Hart

Because of recent sunshine and desperate hopes for spring...

Today, in 2015, everything has gotten so small. Jeans have gone to low-rise (praise the high-waist come back!), shirts are barely there, and women are rocking the “itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis.” I’ve been a victim of this myself. Just look back at my freshmen year pictures (but please don’t) and you’ll see American Apparel’s “bare all” bodysuits and skirts that could very well double as cropped tube tops. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I don’t know about all of you, but when I look back at those photos and think about the time I spent pulling down my skirt to make sure I was covered or uncomfortably walking to make sure my shorts didn’t show too much under-butt, it makes me straight up CRINGE. Since then, I have luckily learned, thanks to my love for classic movies and inspiration from their even more classic leading ladies, that a certain level of modesty is not only more comfortable but way more fashionable. I applied this lesson to my taste in swimsuits, as well. Over the years, I have continued to choose classic looks like high-waisted and one-piece suits when it comes time for summertime and sunshine. Why? Because,

1.  They are universally flattering.
Swimsuits that are high-waisted or full body or that involve more coverage look good on everybody. They’re like instant spanx that you’re totally cool with letting the world see and that nobody will judge you for. Plus, high-waisted bathing suits hit girls in all the right places, either accenting already existing curves or providing the illusion of curves. Everybody wins.

2.  They exude a cool confidence.
Wearing a retro-inspired bathing suit gives you the look of instant confidence. You don’t need to flaunt everything you’ve got (even though you’ve OBVIOUSLY got it). You’re too busy being the modern day Marilyn Monroe to show anyone your belly button, nbd or anything.

3.  If it’s good enough for Marilyn or Audrey (or Taylor Swift), it’s good enough for us.
Yes, I know. These suits were worn by leading ladies during a time when it was basically taboo to have a woman work outside the home (worst), but that isn’t the point. Classic women like Audrey and Marilyn knew how to be sexy and confident without needing to show skin and they are ultimate fashion icons for a reason. PLUS, some of our favorite stars today rock the classy styles like T. Swift, who rarely shows her belly button. If these styles of swimsuits are good enough for them, they’re absolutely going to work for me.

Now, just add a feminine pair of cat-eye sunnies and you’re ready to be the coolest girl by the pool. Here are three of my personal favorite swimsuits just in time for spring (click images to find where to purchase):

 And, check out these seven classic women in their modest get-ups (looking hot as ever):

P.S. I’m always for whatever makes YOU feel most confident, so regardless of your preferred swimsuit style, keep doing you fashionistas!

Springtime is near!