Show Me Your Stripes!

by Cassandra Matlis

Black and white, white and black, thin or thick horizontal lines. Is it just me or is a classic striped shirt the longest married clothing couple of all time?

Think about a style, any style, and challenge yourself to put together an outfit with a black and white striped top. It’ll work. Actually, it will look incredible! Clean, trendy but effortless, chic and bohemien or even rich and lavish if you dressed it up with statement necklaces. A statement piece is easy to wear, right? You just put it on and let it do the job and you’ll have a bombing outfit. There's something retro about a striped top look. It's got a touch of that Taylor Swift, 60's styles, or 90's grunge styles; it’s all truly up to you and how you wanna wear it. While there is often a big conflict on how stripes are so tricky to pull off, a striped shirt is the easiest style to wear with anything! Now for some suggestions on how to pull off a steller outfit with a striped shirt:

  • Jeans & colored heels
  • An all black style paired with a striped tee equals amazing
  • An all white look will look sea-side meets rich socialite on holiday
  • Leather skirt for a night out on the town
  • Brogues or flat pumps paired with any outfit will give your striped top a very French vibe

One important style tip when it comes to these ladies tops is a pop of color. Red lips look beyond amazing with a black and white striped top. Sometimes, all it takes is something basic, the simplest clothing item and the most versatile print ever to look fabulous. Sure, florals in spring will always be a hit and so will bright colors. But, somehow, I think we’ve done the basic things in our lives a little injustice and we should start using them to our advantage.

When it comes to simple plain wardrobe pieces, it’s a sure thing for a simple outfit or an imagination style. Anyway, whatever the case is, bold or simple, I’m all for it. Black and white stripped tops are the basic chic in our lives.