Look For Less: Alexa Chung

by Grace Wilson

As the month of March comes to an end, the closer we are to the arrival of springtime! By now every one is eager to shed their multiple layers of clothing, but we mustn’t forget about that awkward weather transition from cold to warm. At this time, many people are stumped on what to wear; cue Alexa Chung.  

In this outfit Alexa perfectly demonstrates how to put together a flawless transitional outfit. While Alexa’s outfit might be filled with designer labels, don’t stress, similar pieces can be easily found at affordable places like Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters! Let’s do this:

Alexa is wearing a loose fitting, simple black dress with lace detail. This type of dress is casual enough to wear to class, but could easily be dressed up with heels for a night out. A black dress should be a staple in everyone’s closet. You can find a dress like Alexa’s that is equally adorable for $24.90 at Forever 21!

Next, Alexa is sporting a plaid, collared coat over her dress. This bold pattern looks great paired with the simple black dress. I’m going to opt for a flannel instead of a coat; this way, if the weather decides to heat up you can easily tie the flannel around your waist while still looking cute. A similar pattern on a flannel can be found at Urban Outfitters on sale for $39.

Next, my favorite part of Alexa’s outfit: the socks and shoes! Knee-high socks are great because they are a cold weather piece that you can wear with warm weather pieces like skirts, shorts or dresses. Alexa is wearing sheer, black knee-highs, which are sold at Urban Outfitters for $14. Shoes come next. I’m a sucker for any oxford/loafer type shoe; I think they are so versatile! I found a shoe similar to Alexa’s black, square-toe loafers at Forever 21 for $29.90.

And last, the bag. Alexa opted for a brown leather tote with a structured design. The bag helps polish the casual flannel/dress look. A bag that resembles Alexa’s is sold at Urban Outfitters on sale for $39!

As for jewelry, Alexa layered a couple of different sized necklaces for a unique look. Just throw on a few chunky necklaces and a few simple necklaces of your own and you’re good to go.

One step closer to becoming a British it-girl!