Peace. Love. & 70s Vibes.

by Cassandra Matlis

Fashion is going back in time and, yes, you are hearing me right. Peace &Love. This could only mean the 70s. The generation that brought us Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and Ramones. It looks like history does repeat itself. 

But, above all that and more, the 70s is a decade remembered for its fashion, big sideburns, and even bigger flares.

The 70s saw fashion influenced by numerous factors including what was going on around the world, the hippie movement, music, and much more.

70s fashion was bold, bright and there was one hell of a statement to make. The prints were big, the flares were wide, and fringe wasn't just for your hair.

Think flares, suede, prints, flares, denim, platforms, and accessories when it comes to creating your 70s look. And, as ever, if you are worried about going too over the top, stick with just 70s inspired shoes, handbags, jewelry, or sunglasses to give your look some of those 70s positive vibes.

My particular 70s favorites are the Big Floppy Hats, the signature Diane von Fürstenberg Wrap Dress, and, of course, the signature Fringed Bag.

Work together different prints and fabrics to really give your outfit the wow factor and keep things simple with your flares by adding a white shirt. With the 70s look, it is all in the detail whether it be the accessories you choose or the prints you clash. Wear block heels with your wide leg trousers and a floaty floral dress under your denim jacket.

Famous Stockholm Style Blogger, Gala Gonzalez, definitely shows off her 70s style, and now you can get the groovy 70s look for less, so you too can spread some positive vibes. 

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