Zayn Malik

by Elena Hart

There are days we know we’ll never forget. Graduation, our 18th birthday, or a ~*magical*~ day at Disney World, just to name a few. Last Wednesday, March 25th, gave us another one to add to the list. A day that will always stick with us. A day that shook the world and made us question everything we believe in. The day that will forever have people asking each other, “Where were you when you found out Zayn Malik left One Direction?”

As a completely shameless One Direction super fan, I found out the news as it was breaking. I instantly turned to Twitter only to find that it had already began exploding with the emotions of everyone from the craziest of Directioners (cue the screaming and crying videos of girls in High School classrooms) to, and I kid you not, dads. Buzzfeed even had a vigil to mourn the loss of One Direction’s fifth member featuring rose petals, candles, and the saddest 1D song clip, ever.

While my selfish side wants to fly all the way to the UK and beg Zayn to reconsider, I have to admit, that my heart goes out to him. He released a statement last week saying that he was leaving the group in hopes of becoming a normal 22-year-old again. I respect his decision to be brave enough to step out from under the spotlight, where he was clearly unhappy, and start a new chapter. The rest of us will just have to seek out some emotional support and allow ourselves time to openly weep while watching this, over and over and over again.

So, to honor Zayn, I thought it would only be right to pay tribute to his recently cut hair that got a lot of buzz. Buzz. See what I did there?! Whether it’s up in the perfect little man bun or gloriously brushed to the side – every guy should be printing out one of the following pictures and taking it to his hairdresser, immediately. If they don’t, a girl in their life will probably convince them to anyway, sooner or later.

So here’s to Zayn, his angelic high notes, and dat hair. #neverforget

P.S - Unless you want your day ruined, learn from my mistakes and don’t check the boys’ Wikipedia page. It makes things too real, too soon.

I’ll leave you with this Zayn-Malik-sung line from ‘Through the Dark’.

“If you want to cry or fall apart, I’ll be there to hold you”.

Stay Strong xoxo,


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