Fashion Trend: Minimalist Movement

by Darrian Hopson

I get it. The world is increasingly overbearing with the advancement of technology, further overcomplicating our lives and emptying our wallets. Likewise, fashion always seems to evolve, breaking outside of the box with various innovative designs and styles. But, it should not break our wallets in the process.

Luckily enough for those of us dedicated to the vigorous splurging and frequent window shopping, over the past year a new style of fashion has emerged, allowing avid shoppers to feel a tad bit better about overspending.

Minimalism has appeared throughout many walks of life, inspiring looks displayed on the runway to everyday fashion-heads. What is minimalism? Simply translated: super, ridiculously, tremendously plain, while making a statement. Minimalist style focuses on the basics of a wardrobe, which, again, is the best news your wallet has heard all day.

No Jeremy Scott designed pullovers with wacky, cartoon inspired themes. No gold Christian Louboutin sneakers featuring gold spikes or rhinestones, blinding those who glance at them. Chinos, trousers, sweaters, oversized coats in single block monotone colors such as grey, navy blue and tan is the essence of minimalism. The focus within the rich, but subtle textures of the garment screams simplicity.

Minimalism isn’t gender specific; we’ve seen the 2014 runways of Jil Sander, Lanvin and Balenciaga axe prints and patterns in favor of scaling back design. These runway styles have been incorporated into street looks, and shoe brands such as adidas Originals have responded by summoning classic kicks from years past to complement them.

It feels as if the 80’s have come alive again, as it seems everyone owns a pair of the three-striped sneakers. The collection of adidas Originals, featuring iconic staples such as the Stan Smiths and Superstars, have provided effortless fixtures to any wardrobe.

For the first time in my life, the phrase “less is more”, actually makes sense.