Designer Spotlight: Christian Louboutin

by Emily Comisac

My first semester of freshman year, I was asked in on of my classes, “What is one of your goals?” I replied, “I want the soles of my shoes to match my hair.” With that said, I am a natural red head and a natural shopaholic, and one designer still lingering on my purchases list is Christian Louboutin. My uppermost goal is to become a CPA, but, once I have that title following my name, I need heels to accompany my business lifestyle.

Louboutin is a French designer whose signature look is red-lacquered soles. He claims to have brought stilettos back in fashion during the late 90’s, and aims to make women feel sexy and beautiful while elongating their legs. His first year of business he only sold 200 pairs of heel, but thankfully for him, business sparked within the next year with over 700,000 pairs bought. An author by the name of Danielle Steel wins for being his biggest customer. She has over 6,000 pairs and once bought 80 pairs at once! Miss Steele you are a lucky woman.

Prices range from a basic $300 flat to a $6,000 jewel-encrusted stiletto. Louboutin has also expanded his merchandise to clutches, wallets and men’s footwear. The only place online to buy a pair of Louboutin’s is the official website, so if you purchase a pair from any other site the odds are that they are fake. There are many guides online to tell a real pair from a fake pair.

The biggest red flag to look for is the make of the sole. Real Louboutin’s have a leather sole painted shiny red while fakes are made from plastic. Other distinctions to help spot a fake shoe are large toe boxes, wide shoe bodies, and all around bad quality.

I have high hopes of getting an internship this upcoming tax season and I’m planning on saving all my money towards a pair of Loubi’s (but first rent, food, loans, etc.). But, really I would love to be an owner of these super stylish heels! If it doesn’t make me one step closer to fitting in with A-List celebrities, it will at least make me stand out in the work place.