How to Wear It: Denim on Denim

by Nerisha Penrose

To be a fashionista/o, one must be willing to take risks, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Mixing prints, wearing white after Labor Day, and rocking “mom jeans” are styles that have repeatedly returned back to stylebooks due to trendsetters who have defied the “fashion rules.” Rules are made to be broken, right? One rule that has sparked an ongoing conversation in the fashion world is the denim on denim trend aka the Canadian Tuxedo. DON’T WEAR DENIM ON DENIM, or so everyone believes. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Olivia Palermo have defied the fashion rules and the double denim trend has resurfaced on blogs all over the Internet.  

So you want to delve into the trend but don’t know exactly where to begin? First, experimenting with different shades of denim is the key to pulling off the look. Pairing dark denim skinny jeans with a chambray blouse can give you the perfect look. The biggest DON’T for this trend is being too coordinated with the denim. For example, NEVER wear dark denim jeans with the same denim wash for your top. To take it a step further, distress and bleach your favorite boyfriend jeans for an easier styling experience. Finding the perfect balance of denim washes can take you from a wannabe fashionista/o to I-want-to-be-that-fashionista/o.

Next, ACCESSORIZE! Every trendsetter out there knows that flawless utilization of accessories can complement any outfit. When rocking double denim, make sure to throw on a bright colored (or gold) statement necklace to add a little pizzazz to your look. However, refrain from over accessorizing because pairing two shades of denim is quite a lot and you want heads to turn towards you, not away.

To complete the look, style your denim ensemble with a pair of pointed nude heels or even a pair of colored pumps. So whenever you’re having a hard time finding a head turning outfit, turn your head towards your closet and pull out all of your handy-dandy denim clothing. Pair, accessorize and POW, you’ve made people think twice about the Canadian Tuxedo.