Social Media & Fashion Bloggers

by Carolyn Esposito

When you ask the average millennial, they will most likely tell you that they have a Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. For the millennials that are interested in fashion, they will most likely tell you that they follow fashion bloggers on one, if not all three, of these social media platforms.

However, before the rise of social media, as a result of Web 2.0, there was the every fabulous Lookbook is a website that started in 2008 as a place for street stylist to express their love for fashion. Lookbook served as one of the first social media site of the late 2000’s. Think Instagram but fashion specific.

Lookbook also served as a starting place for some notiable Instagrams fbloggers including Luanna P., Kayla H., and Mayo W. All three of these bloggers started sharing their fashion in the late 2000’s. Lookbook served as a great starting point so much so that these three decided to start their own personal blogs. Now, half a decade later, they post most of their fashion inspo. on their individual blogs and only revisit their Lookbook accounts once or twice a month. Despite the fact that they’ve moved on, Lookbook will always be remembered as the original form for fashion posts.