Style Inspiration: North West

by Abby DeVore

Everyday I just have to check her latest adventures and “ooh,” “ahh” at her adorable antics and fierce outfits. North West may only be a tot but she has more style and access than most A-List actors.

Although her outfit choices are usually her mother and father’s, she has the best parents for the job. From a mini Yeezus jacket to ballet apparel, her color palette stays near neutral territory, something I really love because it’s such a simple way to dress.

The quality of the outfits is a different story. Her closet is a collection of gifts from all of Mom and Dad West’s friends and acquaintances in the fashion world. A baby in designer duds sparks so much envy but I would ruin those clothes, she’s much better behaved than a college kid. Aside from her impeccable ability to stay clean, she still gets dressed like a kid.

Her parents love to pair amazing designer tops and shoes with simple leggings, my pant of choice since childhood as well. This allows her to still play; the same reason I love my leggings! The freedom to do whatever and still look adorable, leggings deserve a spot in everyone’s closet.

I know most people disagree with the West’s parenting choices taking their daughter to front row fashion experiences, dressing her in designer duds, and taking her out to be photographed by paparazzi. But I disagree. There is nothing wrong with her experiences we’re all just jealous! Her clothes are better than anyone you know with great fashion. And lastly, maybe the paparazzi culture is not her parents’ or her fault?

Nori inspires me to be a fashion forward kid. I can get someone to pull me on my wheelie bag and wear a faux fur coat if I want. Just admit it, you want Nori’s life.