Look For Less: Anja Rubik

by Savannah Blake

Do you ever just sit in your bedroom, sliding through photos of off duty models with your left hand while stress eating one (or five) too many macaroons with your right? Because, let’s be real, models are the epitome of chic. Have you ever seen Karlie or Daphne without an angelic glow? What about Cara without that effortless, I-just-woke-up-but-I-still-look-like-a-rock-star vibe? No? Me neither. That’s because they just get it. It also doesn’t hurt that they have limbs thinner than my MacBook Air, but I digress.

The queen of slim physiques, Polish model Anja Rubik, is no exception to this rule. Her style is classic and refined with a hint of edge and a touch bedhead. While I can’t guarantee you will look as swanky and ethereal as she does in this classic sweater-skirt combo, these budget friendly finds are going get you pretty darn close. 

We’ll start off with the timeless turtleneck sweater. As this is a staple piece that will never, and I mean never ever, go out of style, it’s ok to do a little splurge. This gorgeous dupe from ASOS features a longline hem complete with a split detail as well as an elegant, ribbed finish. Ringing in at $69 this may be a bit of an investment, but it’s equally as striking as Anja’s for a sixth of the price.

Moving down this fashion icon’s ensemble, we encounter another classic: the black midi skirt. While you could certainly find this piece at numerous stores, I suggest Missguided’s Ruched Black Slinky. Missguided knows how to do sexy yet comfortable garments, and who could turn down the $36 (and that’s before the 15% student discount) price tag?

Next up are those absolutely insane shoes. These dupes from Forever 21 feature the unique gold detail for only $34.90! Finally, if you want to top the look off with a bag full of fringe, this beauty from H&M will definitely do the trick!