Look For Less: Vanessa Hudgens

by Cassandra Matlis

“Wildcats everywhere, raise your hands up in the air,” I know you just had flashbacks of High School Musical in your head, with Troy and Gabriela, what an iconic Disney couple. But the actress we all know Vanessa Hudgens who plays Gabriela, has traded in her red and white colors, for this bohemian gypsy style. We all know summer festivals are coming up soon, and what better way to find a perfect outfit than the queen gypsy inspiration herself. So if you’re searching for that new festival outfit or just want to try a new look, here is how you can score this gypsy goddess outfit for less!

Something to know about bohemian fashion is that it is all about expressing oneself with a free-flowing state of mind, mixing garment styles from gypsies, hippies, and vintage cultures. Bohemian fashion is a unique trend that makes a person stand out of the crowd. It gives you a certain kind of charisma and confidence when you wear it due to its colorful and feminine features. This fashion style comes in various patterns and colors, allowing you to explore and combine the clothing anyway you want.

The main focus of her outfit is the stunning embroidered kimono that makes a bold statement. This is the main focus of the outfit that really brings that bohemian vibe, with the vibrant colors and different patterns. Forever 21 has a collection of low cost kimonos that you can choose from, one in particular I scrolled upon really caught my eye and it is only $24.80.

Another piece she wearing is her layered dress. WOW! That is all I can say about it. How stunning does she look? It is elegant, yet leaves a mysterious vibe. What better place to search than Urban Outfitters for boho styles and I scavenged through the sale page and found this beautiful find, for only $29.99! What a steal!

Next it’s her black chunky booties that look so simple, but give that outfit a little more edge. These are a staple that every girl should have in their closet. You can pair them with anything you want, and you will still look fabulous. These chunky booties I found are $34.00, which can be compared to Nasty Gal or Gypsy Warrior shoes.

The iconic piece on her outfit is lying upon her face, the John Lennon sunglasses. If you do not know anything about John Lennon here is a history lesson, these are the same style sunglasses that he wore in the 70s. They were the biggest trend, and now the 70s are back and so are these babies.  You can snatch these for $9.99, not bad for an iconic piece.

Vanessa finishes off this look with a 90s staple, the choker. A popular trend when we were all in elementary school, this accessory is making a comeback. Forever 21 has a ton of affordable chokers for you to choose from, including one for just $3.90 if you’re feeling a bit wary about giving this trend a try.

Get your creativity flowing and lift your spirits with this stunning outfit for less, and it’s also time to binge watch all of the High School Musical Movies!