Designer Spotlight: Marissa Webb

by Savannah Blake

Although you may think you’ve never heard of Marissa Webb, chances are that you possess one of her classic designs. I found her on, and instantly fell in love. Every season’s show is a follow up to the next with designs that echo one another just closely enough to let you know she’s mindful of her customers yet open to new ideas. She knows exactly what her fans want and delivers time after time.

Born in Korea and raised in the United States, Webb studied at FIT and then quickly landed a job at J. Crew where she stayed for almost a decade, filling the roles of Head of Womenswear and Accessories Design.

Spring 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion week was when Webb finally got to shine on her own terms, presenting her own women’s wear collection. The show was definitely a jumping off point for the designer featuring strongly tailored garments, crisp lines and classic colors. Webb grew from there and became increasingly creative and adventurous with her designs.  

You can see in her progression when she finally found her own style in her Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear show and built off her brand from there, filling her fan’s closets with bold, masculine pieces that she styled in an expertly feminine way. Webb states that her design aesthetic: “Blends and juxtaposes elements of architecture and nature by mixing highly structured, tailored pieces with whimsical softness and flow.”

Her latest show was dark and dramatic with a color scheme of black, deep reds and olive greens. Flowing pants made an appearance that draped off of her model’s bodies in a way I’ve never seen before. Her attention to detail and love for the perfect fit shows that Webb is more than just a flash in the pan. Her designs are for the everyday woman who wants her clothing to be chic yet wearable, trendy and yet somehow classic at the same time.

Webb is currently the Creative Director and Vice President of Design at Banana Republic, a position she’s held since 2014. To top it all off, she’s becoming a bit of a style icon herself, as is evident from the picture featured of her looking chic as ever in some groovy white bell-bottoms. Keep an eye out for her. I have pretty strong feeling that even bigger things are coming her way.