Style Inspiration: Kanye West

by Chantelle Agbro

Kanye West makes a fashion statement once again that speaks volumes for men all over, but especially in the fashion industry. Pictured we see Kanye wearing a look that includes the following:

  • Coat: $4,995 by Calvin Klein Collection
  • T-shirt: $390 by Tom Ford
  • Pants: $1,350 by Acne Studios

Kanye inspires many young people with his music to his choice of clothes. This nice beige coat matches his shoes and adds a pop of casual contrast when paired with the white shirt and grey pants. His shoe choice indicates he is going for more of a Philadelphia, New York, or New Jersey look with Timberlands being popular in such areas.

Kanye has a blog page and website dedicated to the specific male fashion trends and looks that he has inspired. He truly dresses from the heart without putting too much effort into it, which makes his fashion opinion even more credible. He goes as far to even dress Kim Kardashian and North to match his style. I can definitely see how fashion and music are his second languages. I know that Kanye will continue to inspire and demonstrate a keen look in fashion forever.