How to Wear It: Barbie Pink

by Abby DeVore

Barbie was my first experience in dressing someone, even before I started to dress myself. Her clothes were all an array of bright colors and shimmery metallic and tiny shoes made of plastic round.

The doll’s signature color, bright pink, is a staple in Spring and Summer. With the conjuring up of childhood memories in fashion like jelly sandals and Jeremy Scott’s Barbie themed Moschino collection, its fun to be a kid and dress like a (grown-up) one too.

Mixing bright, Barbie pink into an outfit is easier than one might think. A pink nail can add to a neutral, business-professional outfit and give a pop of personality. Putting pink into an outfit is just as easy as well! Bright pink is versatile, working as the main color of an outfit or as an accent.

I personally love to wear bright pink as a bottom such as a skirt, shorts or even a nice, bright dress pant. It pops in an outfit but still doesn’t take away from a pretty face and jewelry. Its also a great way to accent your legs or make your booty pop.

As an accent of an outfit, a statement necklace with bright pink gems outlined in gold or a bright pink satchel to carry all your essentials is a great choice. And maybe add some pink lipstick to perfectly match. There’s nothing wrong with a little Elle Woods inspiration!

While all of these “girls” are blonde and have model-like bodies, they both have shown us the ability to work our way to our goals in a perfectly polished outfit with pink as a power color.