Thrift Shop Dilemma

by Elena Hart

I have a lot of regular routines that keep me sane: my morning coffee at Temple’s Cloud truck, 6 am spinning classes (no, I’m not totally crazy… they’re super energizing, I swear!), and weekly trips to Buffalo Exchange. Buffalo Exchange is a great place for me to sell some clothes that I’m sick of seeing myself wearing in order to find some new items that make my heart happy. Plus, after a long week of work, it’s therapy. The employees already know to expect me being in there for hours, looking over and over the same racks- hoping to spot that one life-changing, perfect top I didn’t see the first seven times I looked.

Last week, on my weekly trip in the store, I was faced with one of life’s toughest shopping dilemmas, the narrowing down of items I’m totally in love with… from 10, to 3. I know, I know. The greatest regrets in life are the things we don’t buy, right? Well, you see, there seems to be a correlation between the passing time in the semester and the lessening numbers in my bank account. So, I had to practice my bravest self-control and pick three items to take home with me.

Faced with this challenge, I chose these three items, for these three reasons. Hopefully my heroic feat can help you in your next thrift shop dilemma.

1. The Gem

This true gem of a thrift shop item was a pair of Adidas track pants that were a part of a line with Topshop. They were unique and awesome, equally retro as they are modern. I knew I wouldn’t find these anywhere else, therefore they went right into my “totally buying this” pile.

2. The Necessity

I have soooo many graphic tees I’ve accumulated over the past year or so, with the image of pairing them with a skater skirt in the spring (think Taylor Swift wearing her The 1975 tee). I found a plain black cotton one from Topshop in my size and although not the most thrilling item of the bunch, I knew I had to get it, simply because I can pair it with so much! Boom. Decision number two made.

3. The Trend

As we all know, when Spring rolls around, so do the rompers. Plus, if you paid attention to any of the recent fashion weeks, you know the 60’s and 70’s are back in full force. This romper from Jack Wills is a perfect paisley playsuit- giving me an instant 60’s girl vibe in romper form. I had to indulge in the trend piece…that I got for less than a quarter of the original price, might I add (sorry 4 the brags).

So, as I confidently and quickly handed off the rest of my items to the girl by the dressing rooms, I realized I was finally becoming a responsible thrifter.

They grow up so fast don’t they?!