5 Things the Olsen Twins Taught Me About Fashion

by Elena Hart

1. Your scarf can double as a jacket.

It just makes sense, right? You’re at a restaurant, you’re freezing cold, you didn’t bring a jacket. You take your scarf off and proceed to wrap it around you like a blanket and end up being the most effortlessly cool looking chic in the place. Wait… is this where they got the idea for the blanket scarf? (I see what they did there). My obsession with blanket scarves skyrocketed when I first saw this picture of MK&A, and like Sam Smith belts out in his angelic voice ~*I know I’m not the only one*~

Check out this one from Zara.

2. Birkenstocks aren’t only for the summer.

The twins first taught me that Birks are socially acceptable, then they took it a step further, blew my mind, and made it socially acceptable (and totally fashionable) to wear them in the colder weather. Just throw on some cute socks to keep your feet warm and happy… and like you’re walking on a cloud. Seriously. Birks are the best!

Summertime and you’re still feeling the whole sock thing? Try these from Urban!

3. Black is the new black.

If there’s anything the Olsen twins are known for it’s their ability to completely slay in an all black get-up. Over the years, they have shown me the art of fearlessly stepping out in the color and that you don’t need a pop of color or crazy accessories to make yourself stand out when draped in it. You just sit back and let the all black everything, and your confidence, do the talking.

Girl on the go? Keep a black jumpsuit in your closet to save time. I love this one from Nasty Gal!

4. The bigger the sunnies, the better. 

Another Mary-Kate and Ashley staple is a pair face-eating diva shades. You have to admit, when you wear a pair of really big shades, you feel like a true #GIRLBOSS. The duo has inspired many of my super big sunnies over the years, and if all is right in the world, they will continue to until they are the next 80-year old faces of Celine. Just make sure not to wear them inside with that IDFWU attitude, Refinery29 recently called that one a big fat fashion faux pas no-no.

What’s more perfect for summer than a pair of palm tree shades from Topshop?

5. Denim overalls are a Tomboy Chic dream. 

Before “Tomboy chic” was made recently popular by Madewell and Alexa Chung, the adorable twins rocked the dungarees. Plus, the loose fitting tees and that flannel wrapped around the waist (of who even knows which twin?!) is everything. Want to replicate this? Just add some chucks to the mix and you’re a 90’s daydream. Also, does looking at this picture make you get all nostalgic and pine for an Olsen
movie marathon? Good thing Nickelodeon is making your dreams come true!

Yes, go on. Channel your inner throwback Olsen twin with these festival ready denim shortalls