Local Fashions

by Carolyn Esposito

It is a common belief that you are influenced by your surroundings. That is, as your surroundings change, you change. For me, I’ve moved around a lot when I was younger and, in each place lived, I was influenced by the local fashion. By the time I was 12, I moved from Virginia Beach, VA to Memphis, TN. In Memphis, I noticed all of the girls my age had Vera Bradley bags as their book bags. While I was content with my pink elephant backpack, I was enthralled by the design. I even saved up my allowance to buy a Vera Bradley purse that following Christmas. However, I do want to make a disclaimer that I was not peer pressured to buy everything my peers had. If that were the case, then I would have owned Sperry and Wallabees shoes, both brands that I despise.

Four years later, I moved from Memphis, TN to Naples, IT. My peers in Naples wore, what I personally found to be, more stylish outfits. This was the first time I had ever been exposed to Zara and H&M. I also went to a lot of markets and bought vintage items. Finally, when I was 18, I moved from Naples, IT to Philadelphia, PA to get my bachelor’s in film at Temple University. I’ve been very interested in the counterculture movement, especially the punk scene that has been building momentum. I still keep all of these items as souvenirs that fashion is different everywhere.