Fashion Trend: Button Up Mini Skirts

by Savannah Blake

I apologize if you’re sick of hearing that the seventies are back, but they are. I for one have never been more excited about the full circle of fashion and, even if you think you’re immune, chances are you’re rocking Jane Birkin inspired pieces with your own little flare.

While stalking one of my favorite Instagram girls recently (her style could best be described as minimalist rocker chic), I noticed that even she, in all her angsty glory, was wearing a classic suede skirt mini skirt with buttons up the front. I had seen the same style a week earlier on Danielle Bernstein’s blog, We Wore What, and it resonated with me. Maybe it was because I had a similar piece in third grade that I would style with a Limited Too tee and white tights (I was thriving, obviously), or perhaps it was the thought that Keith Richards would have dated a chick wearing the exact same piece. Either way, I knew I liked it, and I liked it a lot.

The best part about this sneaky little number is its deception. Yes, it’s extremely short and remnant of rebellion but it simultaneously has the essence of a schoolgirl knee high in stockings. It’s confusing due to its conflicting nature, and therefore it can be styled with anything. You could be on angsty Insta-girl’s side and pair it with a plain white tee, modernist sunnies and black boots, or you could throw on a turtleneck and some classic mules. I, on the other hand, will be honoring its primal origins by tucking a distressed Led Zeppelin tee into this teeny charcoal beauty from Nasty Gal and twirling around barefoot with flowers in my hair. Like, far out, you know?