THOU SHALT REPEAT, every single day (I dare you)

by Elena Hart

I often talk to girls who believe in the “not repeating” rule. Once they wear something, it’s off limits for the time being. Whether that amount of time is within the same week, month, or (dear GOD, I hope nobody has ever done this) year. To some, this may seem completely logical. Wearing the same top within the same row on Instagram is just fashion blasphemy, right?!


I am going to argue that this mindset among all of you “non-repeaters” needs to be changed.

Style, in large part, is about portraying a visual message of who you are to the world. Taking the fashion that is given to us on the runway, reinterpreting it, and making it our own. Orson Welles hit the nail on the head when he said to “create your own visual style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” After all, every person in fashion that I admire has at least one piece that they frequent, sometimes daily. For example, you almost ALWAYS see Alexa Chung in a mini-skirt and flats, and Jenna Lyons, president of J.Crew, is rarely caught in public without her signature black statement glasses on.

Some looks have become so defined that the people behind them have created their own uniform – wearing a variation of the same thing every day. This is clearly seen in the style of Danielle Haim. If you search her name on Pinterest, you will a repeated formula as you scroll down the page. Black skinny jeans, ankle boots, basic tees, and the same denim or leather jacket to top it off. Which, to me, makes more sense than a Pinterest page full of outfits going in a million directions. Fashionable folk, like Danielle, have found what works for them, what they feel confident in, and what makes them feel like their truest self. They have their own aesthetic, which becomes identifiable to others and makes them stylish, in it’s most pure definition.

So, what are 3 ways you can break your “I-wore-this-top-once-so-to-the-archives-it-goes” habit?

1. Choose a style spirit guide. I have a few. Harry Styles is one of them. He incorporates leopard print into his typical oversized button down, black skinny jean, ankle boot combo like a true pro.

2. “Buy less, Choose well.” DVF said it, now you have to own it. Put thought into every purchase, think quality over quantity, and for GOD’S SAKE resist the urge to buy a million Forever 21 shirts–which I promise you, will shrink/rip/let you down long before you’re mentally prepared. Save the $50 you’d spend on those five trend purchases (they add up), and buy a cool pair of statement sunnies from Madewell that you can wear all summer instead. You’ll clear your closet and give yourself less
to choose from, leaving only pieces that you truly LOVE.

3. Pick 3-5 stores you love and stick to them. This is an ongoing process for me. For now, I made the decision to stay within the realm of Madewell, Topshop, and Free People. Since, my looks have become more consistent, continuing to help me build my own personal style and brand.

The beauty of the uniform is that it doesn’t have to be static! Feel free to grow and reinvent yourself every day if you please. I mean, hey, Madonna did it