Fashion is currently... High-Water Pants & Mules?? Let me explain...

by Elena Hart

Searching the Internet, struggling to decide what two items to add to your wardrobe next? Finals are approaching and ain’t nobody got time for that! Let me give you my two, possibly unexpected, picks for everyone to spend that hard-earned cash ($$$) on this week. 

1. Cropped High-Waisted Flares

They’ve been having serious moments since the Fall. And I mean SERIOUS. MOMENTS. All the fashion favorites have been fearlessly killin’ it in what may have previously known as the dorky "high waters" – from Alexa Chung, to Kendall Jenner, to Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine. Not so dorky anymore, huh? Chung even incorporated them in her recent denim-heavy line ‘AC For AG’ (which I wish was my entire wardrobe, aren’t college budgets the worst?) #sobrokeithurts. The best part about these jeans? Virtually anyone can wear them! They also work great on us short girls – just be sure to pair them with platforms. This is a must-have piece in your closet, especially for anyone who’s practically ZzZzZz-in' by the same old denim shapes. Don’t get me wrong, skinny jeans are great, but I’m ready to switch it up.

Looking for a pair more within your budget? Urban’s got you covered.


They are the shoe of the moment, unless you consider the Gucci toupee shoes seen at Milan Fashion Week as deserving of that title. In which case, I’ll try not to judge. But for real, no promises. So, what are exactly are mules? I’ll save you the disappointing Google Image search results of the kind of adorable/kind of ugly animal and clue you in. They e are shoes that are a gift from God and are backless with a closed toe. If you frequent Pinterest and fashion blogs as much as I do, this is now ringing a bell. Yep. You’ve definitely seen them everywhere, haven’t you? The best things about mules are that they’re a more open shoe than the typical bootie so they’re great for spring/summer and they have the open back that lengthens even the shortest legs (aka mine) while giving you the feeling of a fun yet sophisticated closed toe shoe. Dress ‘em up, dress ‘em down. Wear them with your super cool new cropped flares from Urban. Whateva. 

Oh, and check out these platform mules from ASOS. 

SOS. Dying. Obsessed.