Fashion Trend: Culottes

by Marquila Herrera

Although this is not something I ever thought I would support, the way that culottes have been presented recently might have won me over. Ignored for quite some time, culottes have truly found their way back into the spotlight, appearing in high-end runway shows and in street style looks. Culottes are designed as loose pants that resemble a skirt when the person is standing still. Because of that characteristic, they are excellent for adding drama to a look meant for pants, or some funk to a look meant for a skirt. They have been shown with bold prints and colors, or more muted solids. Chanel showed full-length culottes in its signature multi-colored tweed with a matching jacket, while Calvin Klein paired mid-length tan culottes with an oversized shimmery tank top.

Another aspect of culottes that make them easy to manipulate for many looks, is the length. Culottes come in any length desired from short, to knee-length, to a full maxi. A long dark colored culotte pairs well with an evening look, whereas a floral printed short culotte is excellent for daytime activity. It gives the effect of a short skirt without the flashing. It is this kind of versatility that makes it so popular in streetwear. Dark printed culottes with a clean white blouse definitely form a multi-purpose outfit. A bold colored short culotte and a printed sweater make for an incredibly comfortable and casual look that leaves sweatpants entirely out of the picture. Whether it’s short or long, printed or solid, the culotte is certainly as utilitarian as any other pant or skirt. If you still have your doubts, as I’ve had mine, remember that these were sported recently by stars such as Rita Ora and Jennifer Lopez. Enough said.