Designer Spotlight: GOGA Couture

By Stephanie Rocha

Philly Fashion Week was filled with many talented and passionate designers. Gordana Gehlhausen was one that stuck out the most to me when she left her audience in awe with her GOGA Couture line.

Gehlhausen is originally from the former country of Yugoslavia, but later moved to Germany to attend college. Later, she moved to Charleston, South Carolina where she opened her very first boutique, GOGA Couture, which has been open for the past eleven years. As business began to grow, she opened another small boutique in San Diego, CA.

Gehlhausen’s love for fashion started at the age of seven when she was enthralled by what her aunt was doing with a crochet hook. Being too shy to ask for lessons, she decided to pick up a crocheting hook and some yarn and began to play around until finally getting the hang of it. When she completed her first sweater, everyone was amazed at how quickly she learned on her own. It was not until she was eighteen that she truly began to design.

In 2012, Gehlhausen was one of sixteen contestants chosen for the sixth season of Project Runway: All Stars, finishing in fourth place. Although she did not win, she went back to help contestant Irina Shabeyeva take home the title. After the show, Gehlhausen went on to continue her designing for GOGA.

A hit since opening day, her line walked at the 2015 Philly Fashion Week and has been finally getting the recognition it deserves. Fans are especially drawn to the diversity of the line; you can find your perfect red carpet dress or the outfit for a chic night out. Gehlhausen says she “strives to create a design that is appealing but not complicated”. She wants ladies to see themselves wearing her clothing and feeling beautiful in it.